Festival Footwear!

So to continue from my previous blog entry about festival fashion I thought I’d cover festival footwear more specifically. My limited experience of festivals has shown me that suitable footwear is essential! On a waterlogged field sandals are a no no and let’s be realistic we live in England so it’s more than likely this will be the case (if you are jetting off to Hideout Festival or the likes of, this post needed apply!) So it seems some sort of boot is the best footwear to choose, and my gosh is there a lot of choice!

The Wellington

The Wellington boot rose to popularity with the British aristocracy in the early 19th century where they were an essential item of footwear for hunting. Since this time “wellies” have only gained popularity, especially with the festival going crowd and now thanks to brands like Hunter they aren’t just a practical choice but a fashionable one too. Here’s a few of my favourite wellies!


Evercreature Striped Wellington Boots £35

Evercreature Striped Wellington Boots £35

Hunter Tiffany Blue Wellington Boots £85

Hunter Tiffany Blue Wellington Boots £85

Laura Ashley Contemporary Check Charcoal Biscuit Wellies £45

Laura Ashley Contemporary Check Charcoal Biscuit Wellies £45

Joules Womens Welly Yelstrp £35

Joules Womens Welly Yelstrp £35

Timeless Lace Up Nelson Wellington Boots £20

Timeless Lace Up Nelson Wellington Boots £20

Splash Miss Snappy Wide Calf Fit Wellies For Women £25

Splash Miss Snappy Wide Calf Fit Wellies For Women £25

Timberland Women's Welfleet Welly £69.99

Timberland Women’s Welfleet Welly £69.99

Women's Premium Welly, Navy £79.95

Women’s Premium Welly, Navy £79.95


Festival Fashion!

The start of summer also signals for the start of the main festival season. I personally love everything about festivals, the music, the sunshine (fingers crossed) and the alcohol! But what I love most about festivals is the fashion. Festivals give us that have a more conservative style of fashion an excuse to go a little wild and wear something that little bit more edgy, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about festivals is more equals more!

Best of the bunch: Festivals Summer 2013

Parklife Festival, Manchester 8th June 2013

Isle of Wight Festival 13th June 2013

Glastonbury Festival 26th June 2013

Creamfields 23rd August 2013

T in the Park 12th July 2013

There’s a great mix of fashion styles at festivals, there’s that combination of pretty and feminine with edgy and bold which just works so well and has become the unofficial uniform of festivals. This year I’ll be attending Parklife Festival in Manchester and I’ve already begun to think about what I’ll be wearing. I’ve picked a few of my favorite festival outfits to share with you guys!


Natalie x


Welcome to Belle and the Bee!

Hello! and welcome to my very first blog! I’ve found recently I have especially a lot of time on my hands so I thought why not put this time to a good use.

Cue my First ever fashion blog! * Exciting times!*

I must firstly say I have absolutely no qualifications to be talking about fashion apart from the fact I love it! That aside I do think I dress fairly OK, and if money permitted i’m sure I would have impeccable style everyday *SIGH*. BUT hopefully through this blog I can show you guys high street alternatives to designer trends, and the sorts of pieces I’ll be investing in!

So like I said, I’m a blogging novice so bare with me!


N x